For a more streamlined library experience, we ask that you reserve a Study Room before accessing it.

Your Study Room reservation expires 15 minutes after the beginning of your first reserved time slot.

You may be asked to relocate to make way for a larger study group should a smaller study room meet the needs of your group.

Please report to the service desk if you would like to remain in our room after your booking has expired.  We will check the availability and schedule the new times for you.

Keys are kept at the circulation desk. Please have your Bethel I.D. ready when requesting access to your reserved study rooms. 

Please use professional-level courtesy.

Study rooms are sound-resistant--not soundproof. 

You must assume responsibility for damage to both library and personal equipment.

If your time slot is unavailable, feel free to contact us by phone 731-352-4083.  We will keep you updated on room availability if other study groups leave early.